This document teaches BlueGIS users the operations they can do in the attribute table.

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In BlueGIS software, various operations can be performed on the layer attribute table using the operations menu. The "Operations" menü can be opened with the button "Operations" under the " Attribute Table" on the Layer Box.

Feature Attribute Table - Operations

Step 1: Attribute Table Operations

1.1. Selection

Feature Attribute Table - Operations

Various options are available in the selection menu.

  • Select all: All geometries are selected on the map.
  • Cancel Selections: Deselects the selected geometries.
  • Select Filtered: Selects filtered geometries on the table.
  • Show Selected: Shows the selected geometries in the table.
  • Invert Selection: Deselects the selected geometries, and selects those that are not.

1.2. Operations

Feature Attribute Table - Operations

In the Operations menu, deletion and display are performed.

  • Delete Features: After clicking this button, deletion is performed according to the option selected in the drop-down panel. All geometries, selected geometries, filtered geometries.
  • Show Features: Depending on the option selected in the panel that drop-downs, shows features on the table. All geometries, selected geometries, filtered geometries.

1.3. Export

Feature Attribute Table - Operations

There are five options in this menu.

  • Download Geometry: Used for downloading layers in the desired format.
  • Download as Excel: Download the attribute in excel format.
  • Download as PDF: Download the attribute table in pdf format.
  • Download as JSON: Download the attribute table in JSON format.
  • Download as PDF: Download the attribute table in pdf format.

1.4. Queries

Feature Attribute Table - Operations

Various queries can be made on the layer data.

  • Attribute Queries: It provides string queries on the columns.
  • Spatial Queries: It provides spatial queries on the data.

1.5. Columns

Feature Attribute Table - Operations

Column settings and column calculations can be made in the Columns menu.

  • Column Settings: The existing columns can be deleted from the layer or new columns can be added.

Feature Attribute Table - Operations

  • Column Calculations: In column calculations, it can be calculated according to the data type of the selected column. Some calculations that can be made;
  • Sum with a value
  • Subtract with a value
  • Multiply by a value
  • Divide by a value
  • Delete all
  • Equalize to a value
  • Take logarithm etc.

. The calculation results change the column on which it is processed.

Feature Attribute Table - Operations

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