The heights of the surface are not visible on the maps. However, the elevation profile of the desired location can be extracted in the BlueGIS mobile application.

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The elevation profile of the surfaces can be created in the BlueGIS. To access the elevation profile panel, click on the 'Create Elevation Profile' option from the 'Tools' in the left menu.

Creating Elevation Profile

Step 1: Creating an Elevation Profile

There are 3 main menus in the elevation profile selection panel.

  1. Map: Used for displaying the map

  2. Graphic: Used for the elevation profile

  3. Points List: Used for viewing the created points.

If Create Elevation Profile is selected, the line for the profile should be selected on the map.

Creating Elevation Profile

The elevation profile is automatically created after the line is drawn.

Creating Elevation Profile

Besides, points are created on the drawing at certain intervals while the height profile is created. It is possible to see the created points on the map.

Creating Elevation Profile

You can see the information about the created points in the 'Points List' menu.

Creating Elevation Profile

The points can be displayed on the map with the view button at the right of each point. The height of the points is calculated in meters.

Creating Elevation Profile

If you wish to draw a new line on the map, you can use 'Start a New Drawing button which is under the graphic menu in the points list.

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