Sponsoring GISLayer

While GISLayer offers its support to promising projects, we are grateful to all companies that will support us in order to carry out our future works in a healthier manner within the scope of our projects. We will always remember this devotion you have offered us with respect.

Companies wishing to be sponsor of GISLayer, please send a contact e-mail to info@gislayer.com about this subject.

Sponsorship Relations with GISLayer

As GISLayer, we are proud to support promising projects in many fields, especially in science, technology, robotics and education, within the framework of our Sponsorship approach.

In this direction, we carefully evaluate all projects that we believe will benefit society. At the end of the evaluation, if we find the sponsorship application appropriate, we provide the support needed for the project to be successful and reach the target.

You can make sponsorship requests by sending an application form to info@gislayer.com. The information that should be included in the application form is listed below.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact (Mail or Phone)
  • Information about the project
  • Audience information that the project is addressing
  • Project processes
  • Project needs

Your applications will be returned within 15 working days. ( Last Edit : 02.10.2020 )