Terms of Partnership with GISLayer

There are many ways to partner and work together with the GISLayer company. These methods are described below. All these partnership types have been created with the aim of achieving mutual success. For applications, please contact info@gislayer.com.

First Degree Partnership

Being a first-degree partner of GISLayer means having a say in the management of the company. For this reason, common views are also evaluated in line with the decisions taken. Individuals or companies requesting partnerships are included in income, expenses and tax deductions. Individuals and organizations that want to become partners must make a payment to the company according to the percentage they request, within the acceptance of the partnership. The partnership process starts physically with a legal agreement within the necessary conditions.

Project Partnership

This partnership is signed between the individuals and companies who want to carry out the projects belonging to GISLayer or the projects requested to work together. The duration of the project must be presented to the parties in such partnerships. During this time, the required personnel and other needs should be presented in a definite way. The party requesting a partnership should have the necessary personnel and financial resources to meet the needs for the process until the project is completed.

If the conditions are met with the partnership request, project-based works are initiated and the parties earn their income according to the partnership percentage in case the product is completed.


This partnership is a type of partnership initiated to promote GISLayer products in various countries and cities and to complete the products and projects requested from the countries under the umbrella of GISLayer. The distributor follows the management of the project and completes the necessary work with GISLayer. The income are delivered to the parties according to the agreement percentage.