Open Positions

It has been announced to those who want to work with us within the following options, including full-time, part-time, remote and office options, depending on the personnel needs.

Applications will be made to With the business code information in your applications, please enrich your CV file in PDF format with a text or video describing the projects you have been involved in in the past.

Front-End Developer

Job Code : JOB-01

Daily Working Time : Part Time

Duration of Work : 1 - 2 Years

Location : Remote

Requirements : Mastering CSS Libraries such as Material Design, Bootstrap, Ant Design, MetroUI, Semantic UI, VueJS & Nuxt JS, GIT, NodeJS

Back-End Developer

Job Code : JOB-02

Daily Working Time : Full Time

Duration of Work : 5 - 6 Years

Location : Remote

Requirements : NodeJS, Python, PHP, C#

Database Administrator

Job Code : JOB-03

Daily Working Time : Part Time

Duration of Work : 2 - 3 Years

Location : Remote

Requirements: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch