We would like to introduce ourselves briefly!

We are engineers who love Geographical Information Systems and do their job with enthusiasm. In our previous studies, we mostly solved the problems of municipalities and energy sectors, but with freelance work, we were able to produce software for companies in different countries. So we organized our way of working together rather than working individually and took a step for GISLayer. We have people who have devoted their lives to this sector, and therefore we work with people who are the most prone to come up with solutions.

Since the difficulties and problems we encountered in past projects were a good guide for the future, he gave importance to finding solutions to many problems in a short time. Rather than directing you to use paid applications, we aimed to offer you opportunities to solve problems using open source libraries. For this reason, all customers working with us design their future by reaching what they want in the most accurate way. We produce works for our customers in the most accurate way and prevent them from turning to wrong.

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Global Data

You can share your data with many members over the internet. You can use it in your works that need common synchronization.

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Economic Development

With the analysis we make, we can decide the most appropriate choice for the most suitable areas.

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We complete all your work with the teams that will be specially created for you.

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GISLayer cares about your suggestions and complaints

It is very important for us that our users communicate with us and submit their complaints and suggestions. Only in this way, we think we can take success even higher. After recording your feedback, our teams plan and complete the business process in a sustainable manner. At the end of the process, the owner of the suggestion is contacted and an award is given to our user with a thank you letter.




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Thank you very much to all our customers who shared your thoughts with us.(Note: Comments are translated according to the language used)