• Project: WEB GIS Project
  • Category : Data Editing
  • Status : Under Testing
  • Owner : GISLayer

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How the WEB GIS Project Started

The codes we wrote for our customers were similar from time to time and they were almost able to be managed from a single platform. When we put together the blocks of code we produced over time, we were getting great results, and we actually thought people could use them on a single platform. Thus, the foundations of the GISLayer company began to be laid. Over time, the parts were combined to create the Web-based cbs software and we presented the results of all these parts to our users to be used in servers.

Which Technologies Are Used

When we started to code WEB-based GIS software, we preferred to use up-to-date, popular and future-proof technologies and items we have mastered. If we meet a better technology in the future, we will not hesitate to use it.

Front-End Structure

  • HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript
  • Vue Js
  • Metro UI CSS
  • Openlayers 5

Back-End Structure

  • NodeJS
  • Socke IO
  • Sequelize
  • Python

Database Structure

  • Postgre SQL Postgis
  • LocalStorage
  • SQL Lite

Innovative Aspects

  • Data Sharing Management
  • Common User Authorization
  • Real Time Usage
  • Mapping and Publishing
  • Creating Layer Catalogs


  • Allows Teamwork
  • Your Geometric Data Can Be Shared Instantly
  • Display Field Data Live
  • Offers Free Services by Country
  • No Single Device Requirement
  • Using Vector Data as WMS, PBF

Future Planning

  • Working Faster with Big Data
  • Adding 3D View Support
  • Adding BIM Support
  • Remote Sensing Analysis
  • Using Raster Data as Vector Data
Web Based GIS Project

Available Data and Services

Many data and services that you can add or remove to the system are listed below.

  • You Can Add Esri Shape File ( file.zip )
  • You Can Add Google KML ve KMZ Files
  • You Can Add GeoJSON, WKT , GPX Files
  • You Can Add DXF , Excel ve NCN Point Files
  • You Can Add WFS, WMS, WFS-T, WMTS, XYZ, MVT ve PPF Services
  • You Can Add Google, Yandex, Bing, Esri and Here Map Basemaps
  • You Can Add Raster, GeoTIFF ve Image Basemaps

Editing and Drawing

You can edit and select your vector data and make new drawings.

  • Point, LineString and Polygon Drawings
  • Circle, Ellipse, Arc, Square, Rectangle and Special Polygon Drawings
  • Special vector selections
  • Drawing by entering information by hand
  • Length and Area Measurements
  • Verbal and Spatial Choices
  • Getting information on the map
Web Based GIS Project

Web Based GIS Project

Services and Data Table

You can make operations on the data table of layers with advanced features.

  • Spatial and Verbal Query and Choices
  • Filtering, Color Change and Specials
  • Graphics, Charting, Verbal and Spatial Exporting
  • Arranging a column, making verbal and spatial operations
  • Search for POI with Google
  • Download Altitude Data
  • Vectorial data extraction by the Overpass API and OSM
  • Layering and Searching Geometries of Special Places

Tools and Analytics

You Can Use Many Spatial Tools You Can Generate Analysis

  • Find differences, intersections between geometries
  • You can combine geometries and create a buffer zone
  • Geometries are simplified, you can rotate on a movable axis
  • You can create Bezier, Izohips, Surface Triangulation with Geometries
  • Raster Tile maps can be downloaded for offline users
  • Draw a surface profile, collect three-dimensional points
  • You can apply coordinate transformations to points
  • You can create thematic and heatmap density maps
  • You can create pie, bar, area charts with geometries
Web Based GIS Project

Web Based GIS Project

User Management

You can connect sub-users to their own management and share your data externally.

  • You can create your own management network by combining with users.
  • You can share data between users according to authorization.
  • You can share your data privately or publicly.
  • You can buy the packages we offer you in any condition
  • You can create custom packages and use only certain features
  • You can host your data on GISLayer servers