Our Professional Services

Some of the services we offer to our customers and users who want to work with us in the field of GIS

Our Projects

With the software we have prepared for many users from all over the world, they can connect to the system and execute their projects and work synchronously.


We can get support from us for your spatial analysis, complete the necessary procedures for your projects and carry out your strategic work.

Map Production

We can produce the map you need as you wish, and present it to your users online in the style view you like and with your own data.

Academic Studies

We can enrich your work by creating documentation in accordance with the articles that academicians will present their GIS supported projects with joint studies.

Software Developing

It can produce your GIS projects to be used in desktop, web and mobile environments. You can reach your users more easily.

Strategic Studies

We can achieve success faster with economical solutions to your strategic works that can be planned more easily with location data.


Data & User Information Security

In accordance with the law, we do not keep your personal data and the data you back up on the system in our system unless necessary, and we do not share them with third parties. It is under the responsibility of individuals to share their own data within the scope of the persons they have appointed. The following information is kept on our side.