• Project: BlueGIS Mobile GIS Project
  • Category : Data Collecting
  • Status : Under Test
  • Owner : GISLayer

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How the BlueGIS Mobil GIS Project Started?

With our Web Based GIS software standing on its feet, it had to be used for field personnel, and a software that could work to meet the land needs made it felt necessary day by day. We also produced a mobile GIS software. Thanks to WebSocket technology, this software was extremely useful in terms of data collection and was also available as a stand-alone product. Using both web and mobile applications, users have become able to achieve more efficient results in their work.

Which Technologies Are Used?

When we started coding mobile GIS software, we preferred to use up-to-date, popular and future-proof technologies and items we have mastered. Unlike the web, we favored the map library being used as Mapbox. Of course, if we meet a better technology in the future, we will not fail to use it.

Front-End Structure

  • HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript
  • Vue Js
  • Metro UI CSS
  • Mapbox GL JS

Back-End Structure

  • NodeJS
  • Socke IO
  • Sequelize
  • Python

Database Structure

  • Postgre SQL Postgis
  • LocalStorage
  • SQL Lite

Innovative Aspects

  • Data Sharing Management
  • Common User Authorization
  • Real Time Usage
  • Mapping and Publishing
  • Creating Layer Catalogs
  • Data Collection from the Land


  • Allows Teamwork
  • Your Geometric Data Can Be Shared Instantly
  • Display Field Data Live
  • Offers Free Services by Country
  • No Single Device Requirement
  • Using Vector Data as WMS, PBF

Future Planning

  • Working Faster with Big Data
  • Adding BIM Support
  • Remote Sensing Analysis
  • Using Raster Data as Vector Data
BlueGIS Mobile GIS Project

Geometric Data Usage

Many data and services that you can add or remove to the system are listed below.

  • You can open Esri Shape File (file.zip)
  • You can open KML, GeoJSON, WKT, GPX, Mbtile Files
  • You can open Excel and NCN Point File
  • WFS, WMS, WFS-T, WMTS, XYZ and PPF Publications
  • Open Street Map Styles
  • GeoTIFF and Satellite Maps

Editing and Drawing

You can edit and select your vector data and make new drawings.

  • Point, Line and Confined Area Drawings
  • Special vector selections
  • Drawing by entering information by hand
  • Length and Area Measurements
  • Verbal and Spatial Choices
  • Getting information on the map
  • Using layer box
  • Deleting geometric data
BlueGIS Mobile GIS Project

BlueGIS Mobile GIS Project

Tools and Calculations

With useful tools and calculation methods, you can do your field work where you are.

  • Creating and exporting map catalogs
  • Surface profile drawing and graphics
  • Coordinate collection and GPS Track
  • Vehicle and land navigation and application
  • Point, length, height and area measurements
  • District and length calculation
  • Coordinate transformation

Data Table and Queries

You can make geometric and verbal operations within your existing data and create special choices.

  • You can share your data with other users
  • You can edit your data and add new information
  • You can easily find the data you choose or want
  • You can easily export the selected data
  • You can make verbal and spatial inquiries
  • You can add new data columns
  • You can make calculations by using data columns
BlueGIS Mobile GIS Project

BlueGIS Mobile GIS Project

User Management

You can connect sub-users to their own management and share your data externally.

  • You can create your own management network by merging with users
  • You can share data between users according to authorization
  • You can share your data privately or openly.
  • You can buy the packages we offer you whenever you want
  • You can create special packages and use only certain features
  • You can host your data on GISLayer servers